Here at FAYT we will do a pre-order from time to time! This is where you will secure an order of an item online and there will be a wait period before your item arrives - this time frame will always be specified in our product description. 


FAYT The Label offers free shipping Australia wide on orders over $50AUD and more, if you place a pre-order and decide to also add an item that is currently in stock to your cart, FAYT is happy to cover the cost of the shipping of the 'in stock' item if the value of that item is above $50 - your order of the 'in stock' item will be sent out straight away, and then a second parcel will be delivered to you once your pre order arrives. 


If the second item you placed in your cart along with your pre-ordered item is under the value of $50, you will hear from us with the following two options:


1. We can hold your second item at our warehouse, and send it out with your pre-order once it arrives (all in the one parcel with your free shipping)


2. If you wish to have the second 'in stock now' item immediately, we can arrange a standard shipping charge for you (keep in mind - this is ONLY if your second item is valued at under $50)

We hope our customers can understand this policy! We offer free shipping on orders of $50 and above, but if you have placed an order of for example 

  • Neve Knit $65 PRE ORDER
  • FAYT card holder $29.95

We are unable to offer you two lots of free shipping! But if you had ordered for example 

  • Neve Knit $65 PRE ORDER
  • JETT Jeans $70

This would qualify you for free shipping on both items - two separate lots of shipping, one immediately on the 'in stock' item, and one when your pre-ordered item arrives.


To avoid any confusion the best option is to just place a pre-order on its own, but if that isn't the case our team is here to help!


If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach our team on



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