At Fayt, the precision of our sizes stands as a testament to our commitment. We take immense pride in ensuring our clothing fits you flawlessly. We understand the struggles of sizing, which can be a shopping nightmare for most.

While the industry lacks a universal sizing standard (a concept that could revolutionise the world, no doubt), our design team meticulously grades each garment size with utmost care. As the owner of Fayt, I, Brittney Saunders, proudly embrace my curves – a significant motivation behind starting this brand. I personally design every piece based on my size 10/12 body and incorporate input from our team members, acknowledging and celebrating curves from the outset.

Here's a revealing tidbit: many brands use a standard size 4AU or 6AU for sampling. While we champion inclusivity in sizes, the truth remains that when jeans, for instance, are graded based on a size 6, the likelihood of a size 16 fitting those curves is almost non-existent. This cycle of needing to size up two or three times to find the right fit is an unfortunate reality for many women.

Our commitment lies in crafting pieces that cater to diverse body shapes and sizes. We recognise the need for denim's stretch, the depth required for tops with bust cups, the necessity of added shirt length, and the significance of quality materials.

Every FAYT piece is designed not just to fit but to flatter your body in every aspect, promising longevity in your wardrobe.

We aspire to make your Fayt experience a confidence booster in online shopping. Should you have any sizing queries, our dedicated team at customerservice@faytthelabel.com is here to assist you.

Warm regards, Brittney Saunders FAYT CEO/legend xx